Pink Slip Mitt!

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25 January 2012

Florida already has a job-killing Governor.  We cannot afford to have a job-killing President.

That’s why Florida Watch Action is leaping into action yet again to take the fight directly to those who put corporations ahead of the middle class. Pink Slip Mitt Romney represents everything that is wrong with this country and if he makes it to the White House he’ll dismantle what we love about our country piece by piece.

Join our campaign to stop Romney at our new website – – and get involved now:

Pink Slip Mitt Romney is already catching fire across the state with protests at Monday’s GOP debate and thousands signing up for Pink Slip Mitt bumper stickers. Even more have sounded off about Romney’s time at Bain and how he literally destroyed the lives of thousands by trying to make a quick million or two.

Romney’s vulture capitalism cannot be allowed to enter the White House.

Not while the national economy is beginning to recover and middle class families are beginning to get back to work. He must be defeated and that starts right here in Florida and it starts just like our successful Pink Slip Rick campaign did, with supporters just like you.

Visit and find out how you can get involved in the fight to stop Pink Slip Mitt:

Thank you for standing against vulture capitalism,

– Susannah

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