Gov. Scott's high on Perry and Romney

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14 September 2011

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Rick Perry's statements about Social Security will not hurt his chances among Sunshine State voters in the 2012 presidential campaign.

"I don't think it's a problem," Scott said on MSNBC Wednesday. "I think everybody realizes it's an issue we have to deal with."

Texas Gov. Perry previously characterized the entitlement program as "unconstitutional" and a "Ponzi scheme," but Scott said his comments will not decide the next election.

The first term Republican governor predicted Perry and fellow Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney could win Florida in the general election.

"Both of them would be good candidates," Scott said. "I think both of them will do well."

Ultimately, Scott said the candidate with the better jobs plan will succeed in his state, which hosts an early primary.

"Both of them have had success building jobs, one as a governor, one more in business," Scott said referencing Perry and the former businessman. "It's going to come down to jobs, whoever has the right blueprint for jobs."

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