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Rick Scott Signs Anti-Family Bill Into Law, Now Let's Sign the Pledge to Pink Slip Him

This past Friday Rick Scott signed into law HB 655, the anti-Earned Sick Time, anti-middle class legislation that disproportionately impacts working women and tramples over the power of local government to decide what's best for our communities. Then he jumped on a plane to France for yet another tax payer funded "work trip". This is not the act of a governor who cares about Florida's middle class. This is the act of a governor with the wrong priorities. And now it's time we engage people across this state more than ever before.

Sign the pledge to deliver Rick Scott his pink slip >>

With one stroke of a pen, Scott sent a clear message to Florida's middle class that he does not care about the needs of working families. His priorities are with big business and his CEO, big donor buddies. And as quoted in the Orlando Sentinel:

"The fact that Rick Scott signed this anti-middle class, anti-family bill into law, then jumped on a plane to France, proves that the governor of Florida does not care about working middle class families and he knows how unpopular and damaging this bill is," Amy Ritter of Florida Watch Action told the Orlando Sentinel.

Let's show Rick Scott how damaging and unpopular HE is by getting 3,000 pledges to pink slip Rick >>

Help spread this pledge around, so Rick Scott knows we will not sit idly by while he destroys our economy with anti-democratic power grabs. Join the efforts of thousands of Floridians across the state to pink slip Rick.

The gimmick is up and once again, Rick Scott has proven that he will always side with corporations and big business special interests over working middle class Floridians.

Rick Scott signed this anti-middle class bill into law. Right now, Florida's hardworking families cannot afford to get sick because more than a million have been denied access to health care coverage and none of them will have Earned Sick Time protections. This could have serious impacts on Florida's service-driven economy, not to mention the health and well-being of our families. Find out more about HB 655, and the Florida paid sick leave fight from

Now it's up to us to sign the pledge to give him his pink slip.


Amy Ritter, Executive Director
Florida Watch Action

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Click It to Stick It to Rick!

Sticking it to the Pink Slip Puppets.


The last month has been a whirlwind for us as we work to expose Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Rick Scott, and the Pink Slip Puppets up in Tallahassee. We're publicizing their records so that we can let Floridians know who voted 100% with Pink Slip Rick!

Stand up for the middle class against Romney-Ryan-Scott!

We're hitting the home stretch and are getting out the word about the stakes in this election. We ran our "Dub This Ad" contest. Hundreds of you participated in the contest by recording a voice over of Mitt Romney's campaign ad to show what his policies would really mean for us. Then you all voted for your favorite video that encompasses what a Romney presidency would be like and made sure we sent a clear message to Floridians regarding Romney's anti-middle class, job-killing policies.

We informed voters about how Paul Ryan would be a disaster for Florida. The Romney-Ryan Plan would increase taxes for us while dishing out more giveaways and tax loopholes to top corporations and CEOs. His budget would gut Social Security and Medicare. And if that's not enough, Paul Ryan has even gone on record stating he looks up to Rick Scott as a healthcare expert.

We're also making this November a Referendum on Rick Scott for Florida legislators. We're making sure that Floridians know if their state representative or senator is one of Rick Scott's Pink Slip Puppets, so that they can expose the Pink Slip Puppets.

But this work isn't free. Chip in $10 or $20 to help us keep up the fight.

Thank you,

Susannah Randolph

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Make this November a Referendum on Rick

Who are Rick Scott's Pink Slip Puppets?

Expose Them!

This November, Rick Scott isn't on the ballot. But that doesn't mean we can't take a look at Pink Slip Rick's record and the legislators who voted for it.

We're launching a new website to help you do that. See the Pink Slip Puppets in the Florida legislature who have voted with Rick Scott. See their worst votes, what seat they're running for in November, and the special interests who are funding their campaigns. You can put in your zip code and see who are the Pink Slip Puppets in your area.

Expose Rick Scott's Pink Slip Puppets with

As we begin the general election, we're going to frame the narrative of the campaign and put pressure on the Pink Slip Puppets. They are up for reelection in November and we're going to show how they've carried the water for Rick Scott for the past two years. Believe me, this is the LAST thing they want to defend going into the November election - voting for Rick Scott's job-killing, anti-middle class agenda.

Earlier today, we unveiled outside the offices of Represenative Scott Plakon and Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff. Bogdanoff and Plakon have voted for Rick Scott against our children's education regarding the de-funding and privatization of our public schools, against our students regarding massive cuts to colleges and universities, and against our teachers, firefighters, and police officers regarding a 3% pay cut to their salary, all while dishing out millions of dollars in tax loopholes and giveaways to corporations and CEOs in Florida, in addition to dozens of other anti-middle class, job-killing legislation.

Making it clear that Ellyn Bogdanoff and Scott Plakon are Pink Slip Puppets.

We're revealing them as puppets of Rick Scott but they aren't the only Pink Slip Puppets running for reelection. See all of the Pink Slip Puppets at

Check it out!

Susannah Randolph

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Paul Ryan. Worse Than Rick Scott?

Only Paul Ryan thinks Rick Scott is a healthcare expert.

Pink Slip Mitt Romney chose his running mate yesterday. It's Paul Ryan and he's the wrong choice for America. He might even be worse than Rick Scott.

Taxing the Middle Class:

The Romney-Ryan budget plan would cut taxes for the rich, while increasing them on everyone else. An analysis by the Congressional Joint Economic Committee of the Ryan budget found that middle class working families would pay an additional $2,700 in taxes every year. People earning more than a million dollars a year would get a tax cut of $300,000 annually.

Increasing the Cost of Healthcare for Seniors:

The Romney-Ryan plan is bad for seniors. He would end Medicare and Social Security as we know them. Under his plan, seniors would no longer be guaranteed healthcare. Instead, everyone would receive a small voucher and would have to cover any additional healthcare costs out of pocket. The Congressional Budget Offices projects that seniors would pay $1,200 more for healthcare by 2030 and $5,900 more by 2050. If his plans were in place in 2009, 24 million seniors would have paid more for healthcare.

Destroying Hardworking Americans' Retirement:

Ryan would also privatize Social Security. He described Social Security as a "Ponzi Scheme", ignoring the millions of seniors who benefit from it. He would also privatize retirement benefits, creating private accounts which would be invested in the stock market, even though 2008 demonstrated that investing Social Security benefits in stocks would be a disaster. If Social Security were privatized, someone retiring in 2008 would have lost $26,000, destroying their retirement plans.

With those extremist views, it's not surprising that Paul Ryan thinks Pink Slip Rick Scott is doing a good job. Paul Ryan told Rick Scott:

RYAN: Hey Rick, you're a private-sector healthcare expert. You know this stuff inside and out.

Rick Scott might be an expert on healthcare, but if he's an expert on anything in healthcare, it's on defrauding the government. The largest healthcare fraud investigation in US history targeted Columbia/HCA, where Rick Scott was the CEO. Columbia/HCA pled guilty to 14 different crimes. They systematically overcharged the government, made illegal deals, lied about diagnoses, and paid kickbacks. They ultimately paid more than $2 billion in fines. That's the expertise Paul Ryan praised.

Paul Ryan is wrong about Rick Scott's expertise and his plans are wrong for America. Click here to defeat Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and their dangerous plans for America.

Thank you,

Susannah Randolph

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Breaking: Mitt Romney Announces Running Mate

And it's Rick Scott!

Just kidding. Not even Mitt Romney would do that.

Help us stop him.

But if Romney chooses Marco Rubio to be his Vice Presidential candidate, it might as well be Rick Scott. Marco Rubio is a traitor to the middle class and a job killer, just like Pink Slip Rick and Pink Slip Mitt.

Job Killer

Just like Rick and Mitt, Marco Rubio also has a job-killing agenda and has co-sponsored legislation that would lay off one in ten federal employees in the next four years, reducing the workforce by 10% by 2015.

Anti-Middle Class

Rubio has voted time and time again to raise taxes for the middle class. In fact, Rubio first voted for a tax increase when he was a commissioner in West Miami; he approved an increase in property taxes collections, and as a Florida state legislator, he voted year after year for budgets that included forced school districts to collect more property taxes. Politifact gave Rubio a FALSE rating when he claimed to have never voted for a tax increase.

Now as a US Senator, Rubio has threatened to raise taxes for the middle class once again. He stood in the way of Congress passing a $5.6 billion payroll tax cut for 9 million middle class Floridians.

Rubio voted against extending the middle class tax break when the proposal called for the cut to be funded by a surcharge on millionaires, but he supported it when the tax break funding would come from cutting federal jobs and freezing pay for middle class workers.

Marco Rubio has a long track record of voting against the middle class and for the wealthiest 1% just like Pink Slip Rick and most definitely just like Mitt Romney.

Rubio also voted against the recent transportation bill that would invest $100 billion on job-creating highway projects over two years, as well as freeze the doubling of loan interest rates for students, and direct billions of dollars in BP oil spill fines to Florida and other states still suffering from the spill. The bill passed overwhelmingly by 373-52 in the House and 74-19 in the Senate. Students can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their loan interest rates won’t automatically double, unemployed Floridians can look ahead for highway projects that will put them back to work, and Florida’s environment will receive much needed care after the BP oil spill, but no thanks to Marco Rubio.

Against Seniors

Marco Rubio supports the Ryan Plan which drastically cuts care for our seniors who receive Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Rubio has stated, “Ultimately, I congratulate Paul Ryan.” Rubio has even gone further to say that Social Security and Medicare have “actually weakened us as a people.”


We can't afford Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, or Rick Scott. Help us stop them.

Thank you,

Susannah Randolph

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Where Does He Stand?

Where is Connie Mack on the voter purge? He's the scion of a prominent political family and an elected official who wants to represent all of Florida in the Senate. Where does he stand on the issue? With us or with Pink Slip Rick Scott?


Your letter requested that the media ask Connie Mack where he stood. As one resident of Jupiter put it, "As a voter, I have the right to know where Connie Mack stands on the voter purge going on in my state. Please demand an answer from him."

We couldn't agree more. Support our efforts to get Connie Mack and other Pink Slip Puppets on the record about the voter purge.

The voter purge threatens to disenfranchise thousands of American citizens including veterans, teachers, and small business owners. None of them did anything wrong. They have been voting for years but due to incorrect databases, they might not be allowed to vote. And just like the voter purge which handed George Bush the 2000 election, this targets African-American and Hispanic Floridians.

We need your help to put the pressure on Connie Mack and the Pink Slip Puppets. Will they stand for democracy or will they side with Pink Slip Rick?

This voter purge has real consequences for Floridians. An Orlando resident described how his relatives might be prevented from voting. Veterans of World War II have been included on the purge lists. These are people who Connie Mack wants to represent. Where does he stand?

Contribute today to help find out where Connie Mack stands on the voter purge!

Thank you,

Susannah Randolph


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Senator Marco Rubio has a new book out, but it doesn't tell the full story. This past weekend, activists across Florida lined up at Rubio's book signing to offer a more accurate book title for the Senator: "Traitor."

Marco Rubio betryaed Hispanics by opposing Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to be the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. He betrayed the middle class, voting against funding our schools. He is a traitor to women for voting against continuing the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2011, and he is betraying seniors with his opposition to Social Security and Medicare and his support for ending Medicare as we know it. With his actions, he's betrayed all Floridians.

We need you to make sure Florida knows about his betrayals. Watch our video and help support our efforts.

In the Florida House of Representatives, Rubio took free reign of Republican Party credit cards to pay for groceries, repairing his car, and buying plane tickets for his wife. He also set up two committees that failed to disclose tens of thousands of dollars of expenses and improperly hid others by lumping them in with credit card charges. He's been fined thousands of dollars for accepting illegal contributions and for failing to report other contributions.

But too many Floridians don't know all this about Marco Rubio. Help get out the word about his betrayals!


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Victory Today; Don't Lett Pink Slip Mitt Take It Away

Today, the Supreme Court upheld healthcare reform and millions of Americans will benefit from this ruling. The nearly 50 million uninsured Americans will be covered by health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act doesn't just help the uninsured; we all benefit from its provisions. Insurance companies cannot deny children coverage due to pre-existing conditions and young adults can stay on their parents' insurance until they are 26. Women will not be charged more for coverage and being a woman is no longer a "pre-existing condition." Patients do not need to worry about insurers revoking coverage if they get sick and by January 1, 2014, no one will be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. Healthcare reform is a major step forward for everyone.

Pink Slip Mitt doesn't think so. Even though the Affordable Care Act is based on the law Pink Slip Mitt enacted in Massachussetts, he wants to deny its protections to the rest of the country. Instead, he declared that on his first day in office, "I will act to repeal Obamacare." He wants to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act, erasing a long list of consumer protections and programs to help people access healthcare. Tell Pink Slip Mitt that we benefit from healthcare reform.

Prevent Pink Slip Mitt from succeeding. Donate now to protect healthcare reform!


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Where's Connie?

Representative Connie Mack claims to be a leader; that's why he's running for Senate. But he's nowhere to be found on Rick Scott's voter purge. Leaders need to make important decisions and if Connie Mack wants to avoid the issue, reporters shouldn’t let him get away with it.

Tell the media to ask Connie Mack: where does he stand?

Pink Slip Rick is repeating Katherine Harris' voter purge in 2000, which made the difference and allowed George Bush to win Florida. And in the same vein, Scott's purge targets eligible minority voters.  

One person purged by Pink Slip Rick is a World War II veteran who fought in Europe to preserve our freedom. He's a Democrat born in New York. Others are refugees from Cuba who became naturalized citizens. Pink Slip Rick would prevent hundreds of U.S. citizens from voting.

These are voters who Connie Mack wants to represent. Does he think they should vote?

Reporters need to ask Connie Mack the tough questions. As a leading politician in Florida, he needs to get off the sidelines and take a stand. Will he support democracy or will he just be a Pink Slip Puppet?

Sign our open letter to the press calling on them to ask these important questions. We will deliver your letter to media outlets across the state. 

Help stop the voter purge! Sign our open letter to the news media, urging them to ask Connie Mack where he stands!

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The Pressure’s On

You’re turning up the pressure on the Pink Slip Puppets. Thanks to your calls, Congressman Connie Mack, State Rep. Scott Plakon and State Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff know we’re paying attention to where they stand on Pink Slip Rick’s voter purge.


One caller reported back after her call that an aide to Connie Mack told her "he has not come down on this issue yet but that she would pass my question along." They're getting the message that they have to oppose the voter purge.

But don't stop now! Keep calling the Pink Slip Puppets and make sure they know we're looking for them to oppose the voter purge!

The voter purge is serious business. Katherine Harris' voter purge in 2000 removed thousands of voters from the roll and that ended up deciding the outcome of the election. George Bush only won Florida by 537 votes.

Pink Slip Rick wants to do the same thing twelve years later. Eligible voters including members of the Armed Forces, veterans, and small business owners are finding their names on the purge lists, preventing them from exercising their right to vote. According to the Department of Justice, Rick Scott's voter purge violates two different federal laws.

Call Connie Mack, Scott Plakon, and Ellyn Bogdanoff and tell them you expect them to stand up for democracy.

Even conservatives like former Secretary of State Kurt Browning oppose the purge and all 67 counties refused to go along with Rick Scott's plans. But Pink Slip Rick isn't stopping. He wants to disenfranchise thousands of Florida voters and prevent them from exercising their right to vote. Senator Marco Rubio announced his support for the purge but so far other Pink Slip Puppets are staying quiet.

Will Pink Slip Puppets like Connie Mack, Scott Plakon, and Ellyn Bogdanoff go along with the purge or will they stand up for our right to vote? Call them up and ask them where they stand!


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