Take Action

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Sick of timid and scared progressives that don’t stand up for our values? So are we.

It’s why we formed Florida Watch Action. Let’s take back our state!


We need bold progressive volunteers across the state to help us build a powerful new organization. Volunteer today!


Exposing Rick Scott all across our state isn’t cheap. It takes thousands of people contributing what they can to take Florida back from the far right wing. Invest in our state’s future. Contribute $10, $25 or more today!

Tell Rick Scott to Take the Money!

Join our campaign to tell Rick Scott to stop rejecting federal funds (re: free money) that will create jobs and a high-speed rail link in our state. Let's make Scott do the right thing for once. Sign our petition to Scott now!

Take the Pink Slip Rick Mad Lib Challenge!

It seems Pink Slip Rick can't get real Floridians to write letters to local newspapers in support of his radical agenda, so he's written a letter himself, and he's begging his tea party followers to simply copy and paste it in an email. Instead, we're having you fill in the blanks of his astroturf today. Fill out your Pink Slip Rick Mad Lib today!

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